wimbledon live stream

Finally, the big tennis tournament is here with us. It will be happening in a one week time. Wimbledon 2018 will kick off on 2nd July. The competition is set to continue up to 15th July. According to the schedule, there will be matches every single day between the two dates apart from 8th July. The tournament will take place in the England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club as it has been the norm ever since the match started in 1877.

wimbledon live stream

Wimbledon Championships Tennis 2018 
Venue: All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, London, United Kingdom
Start Date: Sunday, 2 July 2018
Prize money: 31.6 million GBP (2017)
End Date: Sunday, 15 July 2018
Surface: Grass Court
Broadcast: ESPN, EUROSPORT, and BBC
Live Stream:
Watch Here

Wimbledon is one of the four annual grand slam tournaments where we have the best-of-the-best coming from all the corners of the world to go racket to racket. It is played every summer, and it happens to be the only grand slam tournament that is played on grass. This makes the game more difficult and requires the players to have better strategies. 

This is a very prestigious tournament, and no tennis lover can afford missing it. Some changes have taken place like; increase in the prize money by 7.6% from £31.6m the prize money last year to £34m. Every single winner will be awarded £2.25m. You will also realize there will be n clock in the court that is used to keep track of the 25 seconds that are allowed between points. There will also be no plastic straws this year; you will, therefore, have Pimms straight from the glass

Wimbledon TV Coverage

With these changes, it is a tournament you will not want to miss. If you have not bought a ticket to go and see the Wimbledon tournament with your eyes, you can still catch the action on BBC1 and BBC 2. The two channels will be covering the matches live. BBC is also the channel to produce the world feed set to be used by other channels in the globe.

Sue Barker will be hosting the matches during the day on both BBC 1 and BBC 2. Clare Balding will be bringing the highlight of the event in the evening on BBC 2. BBC is also expected to make the large parts of draw available on the red button and via their website where you can watch them by streaming live.

The channel is expected to give the broadcasting plans and full lineup soon. This year the cameras that capture all action will be taken in-house with All England Club, and therefore for the first time, BBC will not choose the footage to show us on the screens. Euro sports are also expected to be broadcasting the tournament. Last year they had a total of 250 hours of live coverage.

How to Watch Wimbledon 2018 Live Online

If you are that person who cannot access television and you do not want to miss out on any single match, then worry not for technology came to save us. You can watch the tournament online using your devices. The easiest way to watch the games online is through cable subscription If you have a cable and you have paid for the subscription fee all you have to do is download ESPN app on your Android device or iPhone and use the cable logins to watch. You can still use the ESPN's website to log in on your desktop and laptop and watch the game.

Many people, including myself, think paying for the cable is quite expensive. Paying for a product that you might end up not using the whole year is for sure expensive. If maybe you do not have a cable or you have one, but you are not willing to pay for the subscription fee, then there are other options that you can go for;

Sling TV

This is the cheapest option for it will cost $20 per month, and it does not require a contract. It offers seven days free trial, and therefore you can watch part of the tournament for free. It will provide you with ESPN, ESPN 2 and live streaming to more than 20 channels that you can watch on your mobile device when connected to the internet.

Tennis channel plus

Tennis channel now offers a subscription-based streaming plan. If you are a die-hard fan of tennis, then this is the best option, and the cheapest for you will be able to get full coverage of 45 tennis tournaments for only $70 per year. There is no any other way that will give you as much tennis as the tennis channel. However, with this, you might miss out on the Wimbledon finals.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue

​This is another cheap option that will give you the access to cable channel s such as ESPN and AMC.it will only cost you $29.99 per month, and you can enjoy the tournament.

These are the cheapest ways that you can use to watch the tournament with the cable and without the cable.

​Over-the-Air (OTA)

This is simply the traditional way of using an antenna to fetch the signals. With the antenna and DVR, you will be able to pick up the free signals transmitted by broadcast networks. It can get difficult to use the antenna and DVR for tennis but you can try them but it is good you don't put your hopes very high. They disappoint. They are suitable for those who love entertainment and best television shows.

How to Streaming Wimbledon Tournament 2018 for free

The only site that will be broadcasting the tournament for free is BBC Iplayer. Unfortunately, if you live outside the UK, you cannot be able to access this site. If you live in the UK, all you need to do is type the URL and watch.

If you live outside the UK, you will be blocked. But there is way out if you do not want to pay to watch the tournament on other sites. You can use a VPN. With this software, you can watch the most anticipated competition for free regardless of where you are in the world.

So, what is VPN? This is software that is used to mask your actual IP address. In simple term, if you are in Japan, America or Africa it will appear as though you are in the UK and therefore get access to the BBC Iplayer. There are different VPNs in the market, but I highly recommend you use Express VPN for faster streaming and more security.

All you will need to do is install the software on your desktop or laptop. After installing select your location as the United Kingdom and switch on the VPN. You can now go to the BBC I player and log in. You will be required to enter your name, email address, and UK postal code. For the postal code, you can google. After filling all these there will be a prompt message asking for TV license, it is essential you get one, although you can simply click on "I HAVE A LICENCE " and continue.

After doing all these, you can now enjoy streaming the tournament for free regardless of where e you are in the world. After the competition, you can choose to keep the VPN for it has many other benefits.

Wimbledon on Social Media

This game may seem so strict with all white rule to be on the social media, but Wimbledon is trying to merge the tradition with the future. It is very active on some social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, and Facebook. Willis, the head of communications, is the one who started all these work and has grown the popularity of Wimbledon. Selling the tickets for the tournament has also become much easier by using the social media. His main aim while posting on the social media is to grow more fans.

During the tournament, it is expected Willis, and his team will be given all the updates on the Wimbledon pages. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing the actual results without having to watch the matches, you can connect with Wimbledon social media platforms. Here you will get all the updates from the first match to the last. Reading other news on the social media might be misleading ensure you get the actual pages.

Where to Watch Wimbledon 2018 online from other countries

​The channels that will be broadcasting the tournament in other countries are as listed below;

​The Republic of Ireland - Setanta
USA - ESPN & Tennis Channel
France​ - beIN Sports
Canada - CTV, and TSN
Australia - SEVEN & FoxSports
New Zealand - TVNZ
Sweden, Norway, Finland-Canal+
Denmark - TV3 (VIASAT)
South Africa & Sub - Saharan Africa-SuperSports
Other African Countries - CANAL PLUS AFRIQUE
South America - ESPN Sur
Middle East - Abu Dhabi Sports Channel
Romania & Hungary - DIGISPORT
India, Pakistan & other SubContinent-StarSports India
Germany & Austria - SKY DEUTSCHLAND
Italy - SKY Italia
Portugal - SportTV
Netherlands - FoxSports
Russia & Neighbour countries like Ukraine, Armenia etc - NTV Tennis/NTV+/Sport One
Poland - Polsat

Wimbledon 2018 Schedule

​Monday, July 2

First round, Reigning Men's Champion
First round, Men's Singles
First round, Ladies' Singles

Tuesday, July 3
First round, Reigning Ladies' Champion
First round, Men's Singles
First round, Ladies' Singles

Wednesday, July 4
Second round, Men's Singles
Second round, Ladies' Singles
First round, Men's and Ladies' Doubles

Thursday, July 5
Second round, Men's Singles
Second round, Ladies' Singles
First round, Men's and Ladies' Doubles

Friday, July 6
Third round, Men's Singles
Third round, Ladies’ Singles
Second round, Men's and Ladies' Doubles

Saturday, July 7
Third round, Men's and Ladies' Singles
Second round, Mens' and Ladies' Doubles
First round, Mixed Doubles

Sunday, July 8
No Play
Monday, July 9
Fourth round, Men's and Ladies' Singles
Third round, Mens' and Ladies' Doubles
First round, Mixed Doubles

Tuesday, July 10
Quarter Finals, Ladies' Singles
Quarter Finals, Ladies’ Doubles
Quarter Finals, Mens' Doubles

Wednesday, July 11
Quarter Finals, Men's Singles
Semi-Finals, Ladies' Doubles

Thursday, July 12
Semi-Finals, Ladies' Singles
Semi-Finals, Mens' Doubles

Friday, July 13
Semi Finals, Men's Singles
Semi-Finals, Mens' Doubles
Quarter Finals, Mixed Doubles

Saturday, July 14
Final, Ladies' Singles
Final, Ladies’ Doubles
Semi Finals, Mixed Doubles

Sunday, July 15
Final, Men's Singles
Final, Mixed Doubles

​Final Thought

With all these, as a tennis fan, you have no excuse of missing the matches prepare yourself early enough. This will be the 132nd edition of the yearly tennis major grand slam "Wimbledon Tennis Championship." In this most awaited tournament, the champion of the men single's Roger Federer will get a chance to defend his title that he earned in 2017. Garbine Muguruza is the incumbent ladies’ champion will also be defending the title. This will be an exciting tournament, and you have to watch.

The Duchess of Cambridge been the patron of Wimbledon is expected to attend together with her husband, Prince William. Other celebrities that are expected to attend are David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Pippa Middleton and Ellie Goulding – with Beyoncé and Jay Z for they are regular attendees.

​So, all said, watch this tournament and find out if Andy Murray who has been out of the game for so long since he was operated will be playing. Do not allow yourself to miss any match prepare starting now.